Exo-Terra vs. Evergreen Pet Supplies vs. Flukers Heat Bulb Reviews

Exo-Terra vs. Evergreen Pet Supplies vs. Flukers Heat Bulb Reviews

Choosing the proper brand and product is essential when it comes to providing a heat source for your cherished pets. The sheer number of choices available on the market can make it difficult to find the one that’s ideal for your situation. In this piece, we’ll take a close look at the differences and similarities of three widely used heat bulb manufacturers: Exo-Terra, Evergreen Pet Supplies, and Flukers. We will study their features, benefits, and user reviews to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get down to business and locate an appropriate heat lamp for your animals.

1. Exo Terra heat bulbs reviews

The best product may not always come from the best-known manufacturer, but its products shall always be the best. Exo Terra is known to offer the best designs of heat bulbs and is reviewed to be one of the best manufacturers in the market. 


  • Broad-spectrum daylight lamp
  • Creates heat gradient for thermoregulation
  • Increases ambient temperature
  • Stimulates breeding 
  • Provides no UVB 


  • Has several variants that offer several purposes
  • May provide full-spectrum lighting
  • Best for stimulating breeding
  • Moonlight lamps sold separately for nocturnal pets
  • Uses natural blue and natural red glass
  • Increase overall ambient temperature


  • Bulbs may catch fire
  • Shorter fixture that can cause electrical arcs
  • Worst customer support
  • Defective circuit causes cracks, pop, and damages the fixture

2. Fluker’s Heat bulb reviews

Flukerfarms have been offering the best products than ever for their prices. However, then bulb sizes are usually substantial and might not fit the fixtures. The heat bulbs might need separate lightings. 


  • Incandescent light that offers heat
  • Provides more UVA than UVB
  • Build-in reflector dome
  • Uses polarized plug


  • Incandescent bulb is used
  • More choices for buying
  • High UV and heat output


  • Uses tungsten, which is harmful as long as it glows
  • Can only be used after the dusk
  • Cannot be placed inside the enclosure
  • Needs a separate light bulb
  • Feels harsh and hot
  • Uses artificially colored glass

3. Evergreen pet supplies heat bulb reviews

A lesser-known manufacturer that offers better products than ever. It has somewhat more choices to offer for your pets. The power rating does not exceed the optimal rating.


  • Best for nighttime viewing
  • Works for reptiles, amphibians, and plants
  • Highly compatible with all kinds of fixtures
  • QC certified
  • Offers best customer support


  • Best for nighttime viewing
  • QC certified and high compatibility
  • Excellent sources of heat


  • Very fragile and as slight crack can damage
  • Mercury bulb can leak which is fatal
  • Faulty circuits cause overheating and crackles
  • Flip switches do not work properly


What should I keep in mind when choosing a heat bulb for my pet?

Consider your pet’s temperature needs, the type of heat the bulb emits (concentrated or radiated) and the size of the enclosure when making your choice.

Besides reptiles, can I use a heat lamp to warm other animals?

Pets such as birds, small animals and amphibians can benefit from using a heat lamp. However, it is important to check that the parameters of the heat bulb meet your pet’s needs.

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Where do I wire the heat bulb?

It is generally easy to install a heat emitting light bulb. Make sure you’re using the correct type of socket, and install it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. The distance from the bulb has to be just right to reach the specified temperature.

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